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Lalu Yadav In The Parliament At UPA Trust Vote Day !!!

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Date: 22 July 2008


Prime Minister : Mr Manmohan Singh

Lalu At His Best..He Spoke For 30 Mins In The Parliament…

His 30 Minutes Speech Is Divided In 3 Videos…

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New Delhi, July 22: Union Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav was at his witty best as he rose to support the motion of confidence moved by the Prime Minister. Quoting Mahabharata, he gave the example of the demon that had got the boon that that he could not be killed in night nor in day and drew parallel by saying, “The same way the trust vote will happen at 6 pm – the time is nor day nor night – and all those who oppose the vote will be admonished.”

In the same vein he turned his attention to the pertinent nuke deal issue. “Everybody is talking outside the Parliament that the MPs don’t understand what nuke deal is, they are being humiliated. But at the same time some leaders (Left) are now in depression. That leader is very old and not very relevant as he comes from another age. But he should at least listen to the veterans in his party.”

He also took the opportunity to congratulate the PM and Sonia Gandhi for setting up the Coordination Committee with the Left. “I am a bonafide member too,” he added amid giggles from an amused House.

On his ever stronger relations with the Congress he quoted from the popular Bollywood number ‘Char Saal Pehle Hame Tumse Pyar Tha, Aajj Bhi Hain Aur Kal Bhi Rahega’

While at his candid best, he touched upon the reports that Mayawati is cultivating her wish to be the PM. Lalu triggered another bout of glees by announcing, “Everybody wants to be PM, I also want to be a PM, but I am not in a hurry.”

On the Hyde Act, he took a dig at all those who continue to say that they don’t understand what the Act is all about and also on those who always blabber that they don’t understand the 123 Agreement by stressing, “Here a lot of think tanks are sitting and they also know that it’s called 123 because it has been named 123 Agreement. And Hyde Act is not binding as the US Prez has got authority to overrule it.”

Amid hullabaloo from the Opposition he started again and this time in a serious tone said no one in this country allows a Dalit or a minority or even a Lalu to become the PM.

“If Mayawati wants to be PM what’s wrong? We all want to be one-day. Our PM is an exception (being a Sikh) and brought home the point by the verses Wahe Guru Ki Jai Wahe Guru Ki Fatah.”

Attacking the Left further, he said “I understand that the Left is against the Congress in three states. That is their disease that they are pitted against Congress in Kolkata and in Kerala. They (Left) used to say when the time for elections will come we will withdraw; now I wonder what face they will show to the nation.”

He even questioned Somnath by adding, “Speaker sir, you and Jyoti Basu have to answer (to the country) regarding the conduct of the Left.”

Then training his guns on the NDA, especially the BJP, he congratulated himself for being instrumental in bringing about a change during the Jan Sangh days by ensuring that Morarji Desai was made the PM and also prided for the fact that it was he who arrested Advani along with his Rath Yatra.

“They (NDA) say America will come in as the East India Company came. But when we asked them to condemn the Iraq War, they never did that. It was we who coined the slogan then ‘Remove Bush and save world, remove BJP and save India’ We even asked them to condemn America but they didn’t listen.”

Rebutting Advani’s speech of Monday, he said, “Advani spoke but he did not utter a word against America, he only had a communal agenda.”

“We are here to join the nation and the BJP is dividing the nation. How could they take credit of Pokhran I, but they did that and sadly also brought about sanctions,” added Lalu.

His antics didn’t end there as he brought out Jaswant Singh’s book and read out the lines that mention the then government’s inclination towards signing CTBT.

Chiding former Defence Minister George Fernandes he said, “Where were you George Sahib, you taught me and Mulayam the lessons in socialism. And now why are you sitting there?

Lalu in his elemental best becomes a strong speaker and that was in full evidence today as he then trained his guns at senior Left leader Gurudas Das Gupta and rebuked him saying, “You say we need roti. But from where will roti come Guptaji? It will not come from heaven; it will only come from infrastructure development, something on which the UPA is focusing.” on it.”

Dismissing hydel power as a viable alternative, he said most projects are blocked by NGOs and activists like Bhauguna and Patkar stands up against it.

But a moment later, he struck conciliatory note with the veteran Left leader, amid a mini laugh riot, by saying, “We will continue to court you Guptaji” and went on sing the popular number Oo Door Ke Musafir Aa Jaao. “But you will not be able to answer the nation. We thank you for your support but now it’s null and void.” he added.

On Advani’s claim that they will re-negotiate the deal if the NDA comes to power and on his claims that they are against terrorism he said, “They talk about Afzal Guru, but who freed Maulana Masood and went to the extent of escorting him to Afghanistan. They speak of terrorism but they forget about Babri Masjid, and Gujarat violence.”

Seconding Mulayam’s statement he added, “He was right when he said that the Left now wants to demolish the Lal Quila after Babri Masjid by going with the BJP. The Left ideology is not Indian- it’s alien. Our ideology is Gandhi’s ideology.”

Self congratulating he claimed, “We (UPA) are patriots. The provisions of 123 ensures that we can take uranium from any of the 45 countries. There is also a provision to stop it if something goes wrong and there is also a provision to come out of the deal if the need arises.”

Lalu in his trademark style termed it as “divorce” and started a fresh round of giggles by singing ‘Tum Na Agar Mujhe Chaho To Koi Baat Nahi, Par Tum Ksisi Aur Ko Chahoge to Muskil Hogi’

On the BSP’s claims that Mayawati is being targeted by the CBI, he said “Even I have CBI cases against me. But I challenge anyone to say that we have taken any favours. CBI is probing me & Rabri but I thank the PM and Sonia for not siding with any sort of foul play.”

“If there’s a case on Maya then it might be right, there’s a fashion in politics; that people start to complain that the govt is implicating them when they run out of options.”

The PM and Sonia have sacrificed a lot for the nation added, Lalu added. Turning tables on BJP, he said “We started the debate on Monday – the day of Shiva – so who is the bakht of Shiva. Now today is Tuesday the day of Hanuman, we will use his Gada.”

Omar Abdullah for the Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha 2008

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Date: 22 July 2008


Prime Minister : Mr Manmohan Singh

275 votes cast in favour of confidence motion,  256 against and  10 was abstrain.

A Magnificent and Marvelous speech given by Omar Abdullah of Jammu Kashmir National Conference party in the Parliament on the day of Trust Vote of the UPA GOVERNMENT…

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I am a Muslim and I am a Indian and I don’t see any distinction between the two. I see no reason why I as a Muslim have to fear a deal between INDIA and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA this is a deal between two countries, it is a deal between we hope two countries that in the future will be two equals. Sir the enemies of Indian Muslims are not the Americans, the enemies of Indian Muslims are not deals like this, the enemies of Indian muslims are the same enemies that all the poor people of India face poverty, hunger, unemployment, lack of development and the ABSENCE OF OUR VOICE. It is that the we are against. The effort that is made to crush our voice.

Sir I am not the member of the UPA, I do not aspire the membership of the UPA but Sir I am extreamly unhappy with the way in which my friends in the LEFT have taken on the self impose position of being the certifiers of who is secular and who is not. Sir until a few years ago I was a part of this NDA, I was a minister with them and these same LEFT people considered me as a political untouchable. They considered me a outcast because i was the part of the NDA. Today these same LEFT people are telling me all secular parties must unite with the BJP to bring down this GOVERNMENT. Sir I made the mistake of standing with them once on the question of GUJRAT I did not resign when my conscious told me too and my conscious has till not forgiven me. I will not make the same mistake again.

Aapne amarnath ka aarop lagaya aap ek jaaga dikhaye jaha kisi Kashmiri ne yatra ke khilaf baat ki ho, aap ek jaaga dikhaye jaha kisi Kashmiri ne kaha ho humhe yatri nahi chahiye, ek jaga dikhaye jaha pe yatriyo ke uppar humla hua ho, hamari zameen ka mudda tha hum apne zameen ke liye lare aur marte dum tak apne zameen ke liye larenge. Lekin hum aapki tarha firkaparast nahi hai, hum aapki tarha communal nahi hai, hum Masjid nahi girate hum Mandir bhi nahi girate, eksoo saal se bhi zaada amarnath ki yatra waha chalti aai aur jab tak Kashmir mai musalmaan hai srinagar aur amarnath mai aapki yatra chalti rahaigi. Lakin yeh baat mai daawe se kahena chahata hu ke inlogo ki tarha meri siyasat badalti nahi hai, aaj iss taraf kal uss taraf, humne secular forces ke saath haath milaya hai aur milate rahenge. Jammu Kashmir National Conference will vote to support the motion moved by the Prime Minister..

Laloo Prasad Yadav Speaks in ENGLISH at Railway Budget 2008

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Tue, Jul 8 06:37 PM

A clip showing Union Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav translating a Hindi poem into English while presenting the railway budget in February has become a huge hit on YouTube.

During the speech available on the popular video sharing website, Yadav recites a Hindi poem in which he seeks to convey his achievements in the Ministry of Railways.

The clip dated 26 February 2008 has attracted over 3.5 lakh hits from across the globe.

As he recites the poem, he is interrupted by MPs, asking him to translate it into English.

Yadav stops, and says in English: “I will try to translate myself in English here.”

He then goes on recite the poem in full in Hindi, and to peals of laughter, tries to translate it in English.

The Lok Sabha speaker, Somnath Chatterjee, is seen covering his mouth as he tries to suppress his laughter at Yadav’s inimitable attempts to translate the poem into English.

Yadav says: “Everybody is appreciating, ki I have done a tremendous work. Each and every year, I have earned crores and crores every day.

“And they are saying, Laloo Yadav has planted a fruit tree, and every year, it is duty of my, to grow fruit tree,” To much mirth in the House, Chatterjee quips: “After this, the railways will not face any problems.”

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