Hilarious Kia Ad Compares the 2019 Forte to a Lamborghini Aventador

The head-to-head comparison test no one knew they wanted to see.

One suggestion is to tell people that your affordable compact sedan is better than an Italian supercar, which is exactly what Kia did in this tongue-in-cheek advertisement.

This head-to-head battle finally settles the question on everyone’s lips: Which is better, the Kia Forte or the Lamborghini Aventador? For this test, Kia brought out the just-announced 2019 Forte, updated with sportier styling and a fuel-efficient Intelligent Variable Transmission. It’s going up against a 2014 Aventador, Lamborghini’s flagship model complete with a fire-spitting 691-horsepower V-12.

Although the comparison took place at a race track, Kia gave its four-door compact the advantage by addressing everything about the two cars except their lap times. Right off the bat, for example, Kia points out that unlike the mid-engined Aventador, the Forte has doors that open outward “like doors, real doors.”

The Forte has an available smart trunk. The Lamborghini trunk has… well… an engine it. The Forte has 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space which can fit your yoga mats, an orchid, the globe, a set of golf clubs you cannot even see because it is obscured by all the other stuff in front of it. The Lamborghini has 5.3 cubic feet which can… however… fit a small bag…. made of leather. The Forte has an 8-inch touch screen. The Lamborghini does not have a touch screen, but it has an app and lots of buttons. The Forte has an available 10-way adjustable driver’s seat. The Lamborghini seat… well… yeah…. The Forte has optional wireless charging. The Lamborghini…. it does NOT. The Forte seats 5 comfortably. The Lamborghini seats two… with standing room for 3 or more. And while with his 700 horsepower engine, The Lamborghini does go a little faster, if you know, you really double the speed. But for 400 000 USD less, let’s just say you can buy a Forte and a small villa in Italy.