Do You Know?

Date: 22 July 2008


Prime Minister : Mr Manmohan Singh

275 votes cast in favour of confidence motion,  256 against and  10 was abstrain.

A Magnificent and Marvelous speech given by Omar Abdullah of Jammu Kashmir National Conference party in the Parliament on the day of Trust Vote of the UPA GOVERNMENT…


I am a Muslim and I am a Indian and I don’t see any distinction between the two. I see no reason why I as a Muslim have to fear a deal between INDIA and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA this is a deal between two countries, it is a deal between we hope two countries that in the future will be two equals. Sir the enemies of Indian Muslims are not the Americans, the enemies of Indian Muslims are not deals like this, the enemies of Indian muslims are the same enemies that all the poor people of India face poverty, hunger, unemployment, lack of development and the ABSENCE OF OUR VOICE. It is that the we are against. The effort that is made to crush our voice.

Sir I am not the member of the UPA, I do not aspire the membership of the UPA but Sir I am extreamly unhappy with the way in which my friends in the LEFT have taken on the self impose position of being the certifiers of who is secular and who is not. Sir until a few years ago I was a part of this NDA, I was a minister with them and these same LEFT people considered me as a political untouchable. They considered me a outcast because i was the part of the NDA. Today these same LEFT people are telling me all secular parties must unite with the BJP to bring down this GOVERNMENT. Sir I made the mistake of standing with them once on the question of GUJRAT I did not resign when my conscious told me too and my conscious has till not forgiven me. I will not make the same mistake again.

Aapne amarnath ka aarop lagaya aap ek jaaga dikhaye jaha kisi Kashmiri ne yatra ke khilaf baat ki ho, aap ek jaaga dikhaye jaha kisi Kashmiri ne kaha ho humhe yatri nahi chahiye, ek jaga dikhaye jaha pe yatriyo ke uppar humla hua ho, hamari zameen ka mudda tha hum apne zameen ke liye lare aur marte dum tak apne zameen ke liye larenge. Lekin hum aapki tarha firkaparast nahi hai, hum aapki tarha communal nahi hai, hum Masjid nahi girate hum Mandir bhi nahi girate, eksoo saal se bhi zaada amarnath ki yatra waha chalti aai aur jab tak Kashmir mai musalmaan hai srinagar aur amarnath mai aapki yatra chalti rahaigi. Lakin yeh baat mai daawe se kahena chahata hu ke inlogo ki tarha meri siyasat badalti nahi hai, aaj iss taraf kal uss taraf, humne secular forces ke saath haath milaya hai aur milate rahenge. Jammu Kashmir National Conference will vote to support the motion moved by the Prime Minister..