Do You Know?

Tue, Jul 8 06:37 PM

A clip showing Union Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav translating a Hindi poem into English while presenting the railway budget in February has become a huge hit on YouTube.

During the speech available on the popular video sharing website, Yadav recites a Hindi poem in which he seeks to convey his achievements in the Ministry of Railways.

The clip dated 26 February 2008 has attracted over 3.5 lakh hits from across the globe.

As he recites the poem, he is interrupted by MPs, asking him to translate it into English.

Yadav stops, and says in English: “I will try to translate myself in English here.”

He then goes on recite the poem in full in Hindi, and to peals of laughter, tries to translate it in English.

The Lok Sabha speaker, Somnath Chatterjee, is seen covering his mouth as he tries to suppress his laughter at Yadav’s inimitable attempts to translate the poem into English.

Yadav says: “Everybody is appreciating, ki I have done a tremendous work. Each and every year, I have earned crores and crores every day.

“And they are saying, Laloo Yadav has planted a fruit tree, and every year, it is duty of my, to grow fruit tree,” To much mirth in the House, Chatterjee quips: “After this, the railways will not face any problems.”